Savannah Seafood Stuffing


1/2 cup margarine
1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped celery
1 pound crabmeat, drained and flaked
1/2 pound fresh shrimp - peeled and deveined
1/2 cup seasoned dry bread crumbs
1 (6 ounce) package corn bread stuffing mix
2 tablespoons white sugar, divided
1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 (14.5 ounce) can chicken broth


Melt the margarine in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the bell pepper, onion, celery crabmeat and shrimp; cook and stir for about 5 minutes. Set aside. In a large bowl, stir together the stuffing, bread crumbs and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Mix in the vegetables and seafood from the skillet. Stir in the cream of mushroom soup and as much of the chicken broth as you like. Spoon into a 9x13 inch baking dish.

Bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven, or until lightly toasted on top.