“Why would I leave the head on?”
There is a small pocket of fat behind the head of the shrimp that, when left on, makes your shrimp taste even better!

“How do I take the head off?”878132_51275460
Hold the shrimp in one hand while grabbing the head with the other hand, then twist and pull the head away from the shrimp.

“Do shrimp feel pain when they are cooked?”
No. Shrimp, much like lobsters and crabs, do not have central nervous systems.

“How do I order more?”
Call 563-379-8564 or submit your email address in the “Shrimp Availability Alerts” section below and click “sign up”.

“What do your shrimp cost?”
We sell our shrimp when they weigh enough to sell at 20-25 shrimp per pound. They sell for $20/pound if you buy less than 5 pounds. If you buy 5-9 pounds, the price is $18/pound. If you purchase 10 pounds or more, they sell for $15/pound.