We are proud to offer high quality,
grown Pacific White shrimp FRESH TO YOU!!

So many delicious recipe options
are available on our recipe page!


As a main dish, side dish or appetizer, shrimp should be part of your holiday meals!!
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Our Regular Hours Are -
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 3-5
 and Thursdays from 3-7

If these times don't work for you please give us a call
at 563-379-8564 to schedule an appointment.

We are proud to announce that we have also partnered with these
other businesses as outlets for our shrimp if you are in their area.
You may contact us to check availability or contact them directly at:
Louie's Custom Meats and More in Clear Lake, Iowa - Call Louie's at 641-357-6100.
Big Boy Meats in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (for pick up at NewBo City Market)
- Call Nathan Lein at 319-343-6603.
Shrubb's Street Eatery in Fayette, Iowa - Their shrimp dishes look scrumptious!!!
- Call 563-422-8325.


$20/lb (20-25 shrimp/lb)
~~Frozen shrimp is $22/lb~~
We also have bulk pricing available for our FRESH shrimp-
buy 5-9 pounds and pay only $18/pound;
buy 10 or more pounds and pay only $15/pound!



 Remember, if you want to stock up on your shrimp, you can remove your shrimp's heads first and they can be frozen until you are ready to use them.

First-come, first-served. GET THERE EARLY 🙂

Don't forget to check our recipes page for some delicious ways to stretch a pound of shrimp to feed a group!!

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Our shrimp is not just FANtastic, it's SHRIMPTASTIC!!


Our Pacific white shrimp are locally grown. We have an indoor saltwater operation where our shrimp thrive in a controlled environment, producing the highest quality products available. Browse around and check out our "Tasty Recipes" section, or read up on the proper handling of our super-fresh shrimp. You can also check out this July 2015 article written by Janell Bradley and posted on the Travel Iowa website. Fayette Couple Says Their Shrimp is 'Ocean's Pasta'